Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fruits of my loin... I mean labor! Fruits of my labor! yeah thats right...

Well, well, well. Look who decided to come back and join the land of the bloggers!!! Yeah that's right, I'mmmmmm baaack!!! So it is no surprise that I have been missing and for those of you who look at my blog every so often, I apologize for my leave... but I have been slightly busy. Well I and my wife, and my in -laws, and everyone else within enough distance that we could put them to work... so much thanks to you all. And in return I will show off the reason I have been gone...
This is my latest project. It took about a month and a half to complete, but how sweet it is! My wife and I have been working on this little colabo for some time, painting, cleaning, ripping up carpet, clearing tile... you name it we did it. we would basically work then work on this go home ( in-laws house ) sleep and get up and do it all over again.
This is looking into the living room from the hall. We had the hardwood floors refinished and they turned out amazing!! Originally there were carpet over them and we thought they may not be salvageable, but we were wrong! We have some big plans for the walls in all the house, but this room especially. we are both looking forward to covering the long grey wall with art! mine, hers or someone else's, who knows. if you go to the end of this picture you turn right into the dining room, the back wall is the whole length of that and all in all is about 50 feet ( slight exaggeration I am sure, but you get the point)
This looking back at where the above picture was taken from. We have this super FAT couch that we got from crate and barrel. if you are shorter then say 5'10" if you sit straight in it you can not touch the ground... amazing! anyway there to the left you see back down the hall. Typical hall stuff, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom... oh and a closet. The stairs there on the right take you down to the 2nd level!
Immediately down the stairs to the right you will find my wife's studio. I am standing at the back looking out taking this picture. There is actually more space then what you see, in fact this picture does not do the studio justice. behind me there is a massive closet, to the left is her shipping/printing area, and to the right are 2 8' tall metal racks filled with all kinds of goodies. She was actually behind me, and there was a picture of her and what I just described... but it is Saturday and she was not that "presentable" her words not mine, so I chose not to display that picture.
So opposite her studio from the stairs is my studio/theater area. Please note and wall you see in any of these pictures we painted... in fact we repainted the whole damn house. Not to mention ripped up carpet in the whole damn house as well! the floors here are not actually wood, but a floating floor that looks like wood. Actually the farthest thing form real would you could ever get. My studio is not as organized as wifey's mainly because we just got my side done last weekend. We were still waiting on some carpet and could not actually move things around until that came. And now there are empty boxes in there because I just put together a futon.
This futon to be exact. This is in the same room as my studio we divided the room in half. Half studio. Half theater. This part is going to be a work in process, but man when it gets done I might cry. This has always been a dream of mine and to have it coming true...well what can I say. eventually there will be a platform built behind the futon with actual theater seats on it ( craigslist 10 bucks a piece... score!) I will also slowly build a better sound system, now I have a good receiver but speakers from a home theater in a box kit, and though I have a nice tv now I am gunning for a 50 something inch that I can mount to the wall... I debated on a projector, but in the end the price my be more then I (my wife) is willing to spend. In the back of this area there is a huge closet that we may make into a concession stand, with various treats and possibly a keg-a-rator... and some posters of naked chicks. Nothing better then boobs, beer, and kung-fu exploding zombies that rock the neighborhood!!!!
Here is a pic of me standing by the picture looking into my studio. Not much to see now, just trash and unpacked boxes... maybe tomorrow I can burrow a hole and do some art!

And here is the coupe-de-gra. I always told myself if I had a huge deck I would show anyone and everyone... well world check out my deck! This is one of the things that sold us on the house... do you what kind of things you can do with a deck this big? I mean think of all the people that can be entertained on this and around this deck. It even has a reach around part. It wraps from the side of the deck all the way to the front of the deck! at some point we want to put a fire pit on the reach around part, I mean who doesn't like a little warmth on their deck, am I right? Maybe these pictures don't do it justice, but if this deck were fully extended it would be longer then the house... that's a hell of a deck my friends!

Well that is enough about things. If you are ever in the neighborhood swing on by, if you bring beer I may even let you sit on my deck... if your lucky.
Until next time... oh and if you were wondering, yes that is a toilet in the last picture. I did some plumbing. Twice. Who would think changing a toilet was so easy?!?


  1. super awesome. im jealous jason!

    -agent zachary

  2. Wow, congrats on the great house!!! That deck is rockin!

  3. Looks really nice dude! That is one Bitchin' deck, too. Maybe next time I'm in Mexico, I WILL swing by. LOL!

  4. Nice pad, man! Put some flowers in that toilet in your backyard and call it art. I love the hardwood floor. Shoot me an email sometime, let me know what's cookin'!