Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh My

Damn it has been forever! So I have been MIA and I am sorry. It has been really hard getting in the grove of things now that I am working so much, however I have had an encouraging word from a fellow blogger, and have decided that I can make things better. I have not really done a lot of sketching in the past week so I didn't really have much to put on here.

This is not the best quality, the picture is really light to begin with and when I tried to adjust it ... well it didn't come out much better. I may have to go back and darken the lines and re-try... I guess that is what you get when you use a H grade pencil!

Dude with an axe about to chop a zombie... I actually use myself as a reference here. I stood in front of a mirror and would act out the motion. Just quick sketches.
This final picture is one I did recently, in answer to Joe's challenge of taking a fav cartoon and re doing it in your own style. I chose the Smurfs. I am pretty sure they weren't actually as cute and friendly as they were shown. I mean come on they lived in the woods, nothing that lives in the woods is friendly! The way I see it that guy that was always trying to catch them was actually a friendly old man who was tormented by them!! They would steal his socks and try and kill his cat all the time. I could see this remake being show on adult swim... they have some crazy ass cartoons on there.

Originally I made this blog in attempt to create a piece of art each month. Well the other day my mother-in-law called me out! Saying it is almost the end of March and she hasnt seen a new piece lately, BLURG!! So not only am I going to be better about sketching on a regular basis I am going to actually try and produce something from it! In fact as soon as I get done typing this I have an idea I am going to start on.

Alright until next time... Keep it sleezy.


  1. Wow, that first three headed monster is awesome! I want to see more of that guy. Cool gritty vision of the Smurf, living in the woods can't be easy. Thanks for the comment on my latest post. If you are ever interested in owning any of the sketches on the blog just drop me an e-mail. Anyway, great sketches, keep 'em coming!

  2. I'm with Tom, I dig the three headed monster. The killer smurfs are hillarious. I'm going to think twice about camping in the woods next time