Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Quickies

So now that I am working an ass load, my drawing time has slowly came to a screeching halt! However I may have to take sketch pad to work with me, as I did through out school, I find myself doodling on my pads of paper as I sit in various meetings and on important phone calls. Oh lined paper how I love thee! Anyway since I feel I am about to hit a creative wall, I sat down today and did about 30 min of doodles. Last year my wife found these amazing BIC ink gel pens. They are very simple and cheap, but they produce some very dark lines. They are really fun to draw with and do some sporadic line drawings. Enjoy...

I have been trying to read some classic books... aka Bram Stroker's Dracula, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I won't lie I haven't made it through Dracula... that classic way of writing is driving me straight crazy! Frankenstein isn't much better, but I am almost done. Some of these sketches were inspired by said books. My personal favs are the Frankenstein that is facing down, the vampire that is hunched over and the spider eyed mutant (all on the second page).

Well I say poop. I am hoping I won't hit the creative wall, I have a BIG ASS canvas that I want to start working on. Wifey and I are are coming close to closing on a house, and I want to hang up some art in the new house... what better to take up space then a 36x60 painting of a zombie eating the stomach of some one!

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  1. I enjoyed checking out your sketch-blog! I totally feel your frustration with how hard it is to work full time AND find time for both family and drawing. At the end of the day, it's often hard to summon up the energy to do anything personally creative.

    Try maybe committing to only five minutes in the evening, that way you won't feel like you have to spend the whole night drawing. If you go over, that's okay too. It's kind of like icing on the cake.

    Keep up the good work!