Friday, February 27, 2009

Umm... possible challenge?

This week has been kinda weird, I have actually been busy! This was my last week at Best Buy, and they actually had me work more then one day! Also as a side job I am an adjunct teacher, so the combo of the two has left me little time to sketch... I guess I am going to have to get use to this since I start with the state Monday!!! Anyway this first sketch is really sloppy to be honest, but something I have always wanted to pursue. I have always thought it would be cool for a series to have an actually comic where the heroes/villains fought to the death. The basic premise would be that the ancient mutant Apocalypse has taken over and wants to see who is fit to survive in his world. it is only natural since his motto is the whole survival of the fittest thing.
So basically in my mind he would gather different characters and put them in a natural environment and tell them to fight. It would be easy to say oh well some people won't fight... well then they die period. This would be a series that is outside of normal comic continuity so who cares who lives or dies... the only thing would be that it is semi realistic, meaning it isn't based on favoritism... the winner is solely based on the fact that they would actually win in a fight! A perfect example would be above sketch: Spider-man and Daredevil. I personally think it is clear that Spider-man would win... All he would have to do is lay out some web catch daredevil and pund the hell out of his face! I think it would be a close fight any other way... Spider-man is stronger then DD and if he could just catch him by surprise he could knock his block off! That is something that most people "look over" with spider-man... is is stronger then a normal person... a couple punches = broken faces!
All the sketches of Wolverine and Sabertooth that have been floating around got my mind thinking about this again and thus waiting for my students I laid that sketch down. I would love to here who you think would win, so leave a comment. This idea got me wondering what some fellow bloggers could produce... Tom, Joe??? Oh man did I just call you guys out on the World Wide Web?!?!?! Actually if I am going to throw a gauntlet down I am going to have to up my skecth quality...HAHA.
Well moving on, as I was searching for a hidden art supply I came across some of these sketchs... enjoy

I was reading some Conan stuff when I did this one... CROM... I hope they don't try and remake that movie, Arnold was the best!

Pen and Ink, Kick ass dude!

Still in the whole barbarian kickassary phase... pen and ink

This was actually something I made into a t-shirt. My wife was taking a silk screening class and talked me into drawing something. we actually tried to make them at home... made quite a few and actually sold them! I think we actually used different lettering for the complted project, but the was the original concept...Ninja, Please!!

Until next time!


  1. Haha, you are totally calling us out. There is no option but to man up and do some drawings! I'll bang something soon.

    I am with you regarding Conan. The first movie is my favorite movie of all time and no one can ever be Conan besides Arnold.

  2. Awesome sketches too! I love the pen and ink stuff. The Spidey/Daredevil piece has me inspired!

  3. Sweet sketches! Love the spidey and the Barbarian. You got my gears turning now. There was a JLA vs Avengers book out a while back, cool concept but a weak story. I've always wanted to do my own version that was a little more brutal. Thanks for lighting a fire under my ass, Game on!! Can't wait to see what else you guys come up with

  4. Excellent work on that pen and ink sketch of that guy (or creature?) in the horned-helmet, it really stands out against the black background...looks great! Its got me inspired! :D