Friday, February 20, 2009

Thus is life... part deux

I recently saw some new trailers for the up coming Wolverine movie, let it be said, it will either blow hard causing me to go into a berserk rage stabbing people with my imaginary claws, or it will be so flipping amazing that I leave the movie theater even more convinced I have a healing factor and run around popping my claws with a pack of wolves for a year. With that said I did some sketches, not about Wolverine, but his nemesis and possibly one of the best villains ever, Sabertooth!! In a way he is so much cooler of a character then good 'ol Wolvie, but he is the bad guy. Who wants to read a comic/story about a serial killing, bad ass, pyscho, who just so happens to have a healing factor... uh me... Enjoy, I have a feeling there will be more...
Here is a link to a blog that I just started to follow: He has some pretty wicked sketches of Wolverine on there... I am jealous, back to the drawing board!!


  1. Wow, sick Sabertooth sketches!! Really expressive stuff, he looks dangerous as he should! I too am looking forward to the Wolverine movie and hoping it rocks and doesn't suck. Thanks so much for linking to my blog, that's very cool of you.

  2. Great Sabertooth pics. Love the one with the bloody claw. Check out Joe Madieras version of Sabertooth in the Ultamites 3 series. Pretty bad ass. I'm itchin to sketch out some Wolverine and Sabertooth after checking your sketches. Great stuff, keep up the good work.