Monday, February 16, 2009

Supplies and rants

So this is going to be a quick post. For the big V-day wifey and I went to Kansas City to go get some art supplies. Living in the sticks sucks when it comes to art, the closet "art store" is Michael's or Hobby Lobby... what a drag. Anyway so we went to the art store and i got the biggest canvas I could fit in my car. I wanted a bigger one, but it didn't fit, so I had to settle... such is life. I went with the 36"x60" stretched canvas!!! 
This thing is almost as tall as me!! I have two ideas of what I want to do with it, I will post sketches for the ideas tomorrow. 
Watch out here comes the RANT... another part of our V-day outing was the art museum. Here's my beef. Who knows what an artist was thinking when they did a painting, Why do some egg heads get to define what art is!?! Why can't art be done and displayed on the basis of being neat. As we walked through the museum I over heard some scholar talking about some form of art and what the artist probably meant when they did this type of brush stroke... I call bullshit! pick up all your cards! Van Gogh was a crazy bitch, you think he was thinking about what kind of movement he was making when he painted... piss no, he was just painting. I want to go to a museum and have some one say " I have no idea what this painting means, we just liked the way it looked!", in the same aspect how can someone put a hand print in cement and say they are expressing the way the world closes in on them... WTF! 
After hearing this third party conversation I went on a crazy rant about art and why can't I  be a famous artist and what would I need to do to get in a museum blah blah blah. Which to Beth just nodded and agreed with my mindlessness, knowing that I would stop if she did. So here is my proclamation. If I make it big and die, or can't talk and defend myself, and any of you who read this ever see my stuff in a gallery. If you by chance hear someone talking nonsense about my art... just tell them that I did it because I f'ing wanted to! There is no rhyme or reason to my madness. I did art for the sake of art. I do what I do, because I like it. Period. 
Well that is all. Probably doesn't make sense...sorry. Look for some sketches tomorrow!

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  1. Jason—All I can say is Yeah!!! I couldn't agree more! I hope when someone looks at my work and I'm gone they see the same thing. I did what I did and do what I do because I LOVE IT!

    Thanks for the Rant!

    Tammie Dodge