Sunday, February 22, 2009

Superheroes abound

So here are a few more sketches of Sabertooth... enjoy
This one could also be a drawing of a crazy ass crazy dude also!

I think I like this last one the best. And as you see below, I started sketching so various marvel characters...

This was a pencil sketch, then I inked over it with some Indian ink and a calligraphy pen with a split nib... so says wifey.The ink is really really amazing, very dark and gives great quality lines.

I personally have never really messed much with drawing DD, but I think this quick little sketch turned out nice!

This Coloussus honestly looked a whole shit lot better before I inked over it... that, is usually my downfall. I do some kick ass sketches then I think "oh this needs some form of color, or refinement" then disappointment. Oh well maybe next time!

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  1. I know the feeling, every time I ink something it never looks the same and I think I f@#!% it up. I love the third Sabertooth image, has a classic feel to it, he looks like he can do some damage. The image of Daredevil is really cool too, might be my favorite out of the bunch. Keep up the good work. Hope you don't mind I posted a link to your blog on my site.