Friday, February 20, 2009

Thus is life...

When we first moved here, I got a job with Best Buy as a geek squad member, though my illusions of this job were grander then the actual job it did inspire me to do this little piece. Also as a side note, I never actually got this uniform, at some point management dropped the ball... I have always been interested with black and white images, and I wanted to try and create one where the negative spaces defines the positive space.
So after a couple months, I realized that even though Best Buy is where I have, and will, spend a lot of my hard earned money it is not a place to work and even think about having/starting a family. The fact that I was older then most, if not all, the management there didn't help either...dreams 0 reality 1. So after some struggle, I have found another job, This coming week being the last at Best Buy... I still have time to work the discount! I will be starting my new job with the state of Missouri. Thus this piece of art...

Same concept as above, this one was tricker though I really wanted to be wearing a suit, but couldn't figure out how I would pull it off with the whole black/white thing.In my mind I am now a government agent, and I am pretty sure they are going to try and put me into the weapon x project and I will be made into one of the world's greatest killers. Now snap back to reality... I am going to be sitting behind a desk dealing with different state employees cell phone problems. Memory implants, the skeleton laced with an unbreakable metal, and the pure bad-ass-ness of it all... can someone hand me some toilet paper, cause dreams are being flushed. Maybe I can convince them to let me have a nine millimeter with a red dot sight atleast... I mean is that really to much to ask for a government agent???

I am sure I will have to take an oath giving my allegance to the man, but if I happen to walk in on a coversation with the words " the outbreak is under control" or " it seems to be a form of rabies" I am out that bitch with the quickness!!!


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  1. the inking looks great! especially the second panel...nice use of black and white.. :)