Thursday, February 5, 2009

Return of the Kool-aid Man!!

Hello. It has been a while since I posted anything, so if you have been looking at my page I am sorry. Life has been rather busy. Moving on. I have recently got back into drinking Kool-aid. I had forgotten how awesome it was. It was a staple of my fridge for most of my life through out college and I would consider myself a Bad-ass when it comes to making said aid. So as I have been sipping on this juice of the gods, I started to think back of the glory days. Days when there were actually cartoons on tv and you could catch a glimpse of the Kool-aid man busting through some poor families wall.
As much as I love the drink, I'm not going to lie, if some big red thing came busting through my wall unexpected screaming "OOOh yeah" I would straight up shit my pants, drop to the floor, and suck my little baby thumb! Guess those kids had more balls then me...
Anyway, You don't see much of this dude anymore, probably because "real" people think kool-aid is not a viable source of nutrition anymore. What do they know... it has water in it.
So I redesigned big red for a more... updated audience.
The picture above is the pre-colored version, just sketched with a pencil then inked with my tech pen, on a piece of 10"x14" high quality watercolor paper. The one below is the colored version. Done with gouache paints.

This Kool-aid man supports not two, but four arms, each with some form of asskickery. Dude is packing mad heat with his two uzi's, a samurai sword, and a cybernetic cannon. Well equipped with ninja boots, for straight kicks to the maw, and showing off the skulls he has collected over the years. PS one of his arms has been replaced with a robot arm... not only can he punch through walls, he could also punch through 3 faces of people stupid enough to stand in a row right in his way of delivering the goods.

Oh yeah, some may ask what flavor he is... red you dumbass, the best kind!

Now that your all charged up on greatness, go drink some kool-aid and kick something!

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  1. I can't wait to show my fiance this. He loves the Kool-aid man even without a robot arm! This is so much better!