Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So This weekend I was inspired to do a painting of a nice scenic nature picture, I was watching a movie called Teeth, and they showed a scene something similar to this several times. For those of you who don't know the movie is about a girl who has Vagina Dentata, umm that is she had teeth in her... no no place. Not the greatest movie, but interesting... Anyway the played it up that possibly the fact that she had two nuke towers in her back  yard may of caused it. I think she was an alien, but who knows. I liked the picture so I thought I would re-create it. Also if you get on one of the local roads here and drive off you can see something similar to this. On a clear day it is actually a really neat sight, the smoke against a bright blue sky is almost poetic. I think may use this as an inspiration on some upcoming drawings, I have been playing with the idea of mutants, and "adaptations" of humanity. 
Overall not the best piece of art I have done. Materials were gouache paints on a piece of 10 x 14 high quality water color paper. I actually didn't do much sketching on this one, did light pencil marks and then started painting.

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