Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So if you read my last post, this weekend we went to the art store in Kansas City and I bought the biggest stretched canvas I could fit in my car... it was 36"x60". Think of the possibilities! I have two ideas for this greatness. The first three sketches are different versions of the same picture.

I sat down one day and just started to draw a very fluid movement with the thought of a woman in mind. My idea was to draw a very curvy form that very sensual and voluptuous. In my mind it would be something very " 70's " disco in style with some crazy colors in the background.

In the process I was drawing arms in various positions to see how I wanted it laid out. Then I realized i liked the thought of four arms, almost like a modern Shiva statue.
If I chose this option, I am thinking of having the background black and the form being white. Very simple. I am going to do some smaller versions of this first... It is a big commitment to put something on a canvas that is almost as tall as me!
My second idea came more from the art museum we went to, we were in a part that was displaying some expressionism art and I got inspired. I saw a painting of some zombies eating the shit out of some dude. With the art I was looking at it was very raw and emotional strokes that represented face and people. Not that cool actually, but I thought about how raw and crazy I could get with a zombie painting. I came home and started sketching right away. My thought is going to be something like the above pic. A human being disemboweled by the dead. Once again it will be a background of black but with a lot of color.
My only trouble is do I want it to be very lose and raw or try and define the figure and the horror of being eating alive...

This is were I wish I knew how to oil paint, I could do some serious damage to this canvas. Anyway I will keep you posted.


  1. Is shiva wearing a string bikini top in the first sketch? just wondering...

  2. Cool stuff. Can't wait to see what the final image looks like. Good luck. I'm with you on the oil paints. Asked a buddy of mine to show me the ropes. Hoping I get a chance some time this spring.

  3. Awesome sketches! I love the flow and energy.