Friday, February 27, 2009

Umm... possible challenge?

This week has been kinda weird, I have actually been busy! This was my last week at Best Buy, and they actually had me work more then one day! Also as a side job I am an adjunct teacher, so the combo of the two has left me little time to sketch... I guess I am going to have to get use to this since I start with the state Monday!!! Anyway this first sketch is really sloppy to be honest, but something I have always wanted to pursue. I have always thought it would be cool for a series to have an actually comic where the heroes/villains fought to the death. The basic premise would be that the ancient mutant Apocalypse has taken over and wants to see who is fit to survive in his world. it is only natural since his motto is the whole survival of the fittest thing.
So basically in my mind he would gather different characters and put them in a natural environment and tell them to fight. It would be easy to say oh well some people won't fight... well then they die period. This would be a series that is outside of normal comic continuity so who cares who lives or dies... the only thing would be that it is semi realistic, meaning it isn't based on favoritism... the winner is solely based on the fact that they would actually win in a fight! A perfect example would be above sketch: Spider-man and Daredevil. I personally think it is clear that Spider-man would win... All he would have to do is lay out some web catch daredevil and pund the hell out of his face! I think it would be a close fight any other way... Spider-man is stronger then DD and if he could just catch him by surprise he could knock his block off! That is something that most people "look over" with spider-man... is is stronger then a normal person... a couple punches = broken faces!
All the sketches of Wolverine and Sabertooth that have been floating around got my mind thinking about this again and thus waiting for my students I laid that sketch down. I would love to here who you think would win, so leave a comment. This idea got me wondering what some fellow bloggers could produce... Tom, Joe??? Oh man did I just call you guys out on the World Wide Web?!?!?! Actually if I am going to throw a gauntlet down I am going to have to up my skecth quality...HAHA.
Well moving on, as I was searching for a hidden art supply I came across some of these sketchs... enjoy

I was reading some Conan stuff when I did this one... CROM... I hope they don't try and remake that movie, Arnold was the best!

Pen and Ink, Kick ass dude!

Still in the whole barbarian kickassary phase... pen and ink

This was actually something I made into a t-shirt. My wife was taking a silk screening class and talked me into drawing something. we actually tried to make them at home... made quite a few and actually sold them! I think we actually used different lettering for the complted project, but the was the original concept...Ninja, Please!!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Superheroes abound

So here are a few more sketches of Sabertooth... enjoy
This one could also be a drawing of a crazy ass crazy dude also!

I think I like this last one the best. And as you see below, I started sketching so various marvel characters...

This was a pencil sketch, then I inked over it with some Indian ink and a calligraphy pen with a split nib... so says wifey.The ink is really really amazing, very dark and gives great quality lines.

I personally have never really messed much with drawing DD, but I think this quick little sketch turned out nice!

This Coloussus honestly looked a whole shit lot better before I inked over it... that, is usually my downfall. I do some kick ass sketches then I think "oh this needs some form of color, or refinement" then disappointment. Oh well maybe next time!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thus is life... part deux

I recently saw some new trailers for the up coming Wolverine movie, let it be said, it will either blow hard causing me to go into a berserk rage stabbing people with my imaginary claws, or it will be so flipping amazing that I leave the movie theater even more convinced I have a healing factor and run around popping my claws with a pack of wolves for a year. With that said I did some sketches, not about Wolverine, but his nemesis and possibly one of the best villains ever, Sabertooth!! In a way he is so much cooler of a character then good 'ol Wolvie, but he is the bad guy. Who wants to read a comic/story about a serial killing, bad ass, pyscho, who just so happens to have a healing factor... uh me... Enjoy, I have a feeling there will be more...
Here is a link to a blog that I just started to follow: He has some pretty wicked sketches of Wolverine on there... I am jealous, back to the drawing board!!

Thus is life...

When we first moved here, I got a job with Best Buy as a geek squad member, though my illusions of this job were grander then the actual job it did inspire me to do this little piece. Also as a side note, I never actually got this uniform, at some point management dropped the ball... I have always been interested with black and white images, and I wanted to try and create one where the negative spaces defines the positive space.
So after a couple months, I realized that even though Best Buy is where I have, and will, spend a lot of my hard earned money it is not a place to work and even think about having/starting a family. The fact that I was older then most, if not all, the management there didn't help either...dreams 0 reality 1. So after some struggle, I have found another job, This coming week being the last at Best Buy... I still have time to work the discount! I will be starting my new job with the state of Missouri. Thus this piece of art...

Same concept as above, this one was tricker though I really wanted to be wearing a suit, but couldn't figure out how I would pull it off with the whole black/white thing.In my mind I am now a government agent, and I am pretty sure they are going to try and put me into the weapon x project and I will be made into one of the world's greatest killers. Now snap back to reality... I am going to be sitting behind a desk dealing with different state employees cell phone problems. Memory implants, the skeleton laced with an unbreakable metal, and the pure bad-ass-ness of it all... can someone hand me some toilet paper, cause dreams are being flushed. Maybe I can convince them to let me have a nine millimeter with a red dot sight atleast... I mean is that really to much to ask for a government agent???

I am sure I will have to take an oath giving my allegance to the man, but if I happen to walk in on a coversation with the words " the outbreak is under control" or " it seems to be a form of rabies" I am out that bitch with the quickness!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So if you read my last post, this weekend we went to the art store in Kansas City and I bought the biggest stretched canvas I could fit in my car... it was 36"x60". Think of the possibilities! I have two ideas for this greatness. The first three sketches are different versions of the same picture.

I sat down one day and just started to draw a very fluid movement with the thought of a woman in mind. My idea was to draw a very curvy form that very sensual and voluptuous. In my mind it would be something very " 70's " disco in style with some crazy colors in the background.

In the process I was drawing arms in various positions to see how I wanted it laid out. Then I realized i liked the thought of four arms, almost like a modern Shiva statue.
If I chose this option, I am thinking of having the background black and the form being white. Very simple. I am going to do some smaller versions of this first... It is a big commitment to put something on a canvas that is almost as tall as me!
My second idea came more from the art museum we went to, we were in a part that was displaying some expressionism art and I got inspired. I saw a painting of some zombies eating the shit out of some dude. With the art I was looking at it was very raw and emotional strokes that represented face and people. Not that cool actually, but I thought about how raw and crazy I could get with a zombie painting. I came home and started sketching right away. My thought is going to be something like the above pic. A human being disemboweled by the dead. Once again it will be a background of black but with a lot of color.
My only trouble is do I want it to be very lose and raw or try and define the figure and the horror of being eating alive...

This is were I wish I knew how to oil paint, I could do some serious damage to this canvas. Anyway I will keep you posted.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Supplies and rants

So this is going to be a quick post. For the big V-day wifey and I went to Kansas City to go get some art supplies. Living in the sticks sucks when it comes to art, the closet "art store" is Michael's or Hobby Lobby... what a drag. Anyway so we went to the art store and i got the biggest canvas I could fit in my car. I wanted a bigger one, but it didn't fit, so I had to settle... such is life. I went with the 36"x60" stretched canvas!!! 
This thing is almost as tall as me!! I have two ideas of what I want to do with it, I will post sketches for the ideas tomorrow. 
Watch out here comes the RANT... another part of our V-day outing was the art museum. Here's my beef. Who knows what an artist was thinking when they did a painting, Why do some egg heads get to define what art is!?! Why can't art be done and displayed on the basis of being neat. As we walked through the museum I over heard some scholar talking about some form of art and what the artist probably meant when they did this type of brush stroke... I call bullshit! pick up all your cards! Van Gogh was a crazy bitch, you think he was thinking about what kind of movement he was making when he painted... piss no, he was just painting. I want to go to a museum and have some one say " I have no idea what this painting means, we just liked the way it looked!", in the same aspect how can someone put a hand print in cement and say they are expressing the way the world closes in on them... WTF! 
After hearing this third party conversation I went on a crazy rant about art and why can't I  be a famous artist and what would I need to do to get in a museum blah blah blah. Which to Beth just nodded and agreed with my mindlessness, knowing that I would stop if she did. So here is my proclamation. If I make it big and die, or can't talk and defend myself, and any of you who read this ever see my stuff in a gallery. If you by chance hear someone talking nonsense about my art... just tell them that I did it because I f'ing wanted to! There is no rhyme or reason to my madness. I did art for the sake of art. I do what I do, because I like it. Period. 
Well that is all. Probably doesn't make sense...sorry. Look for some sketches tomorrow!

Friday, February 13, 2009


So I was cleaning around my "studio" area and found these works. I like to look through my sketches and random pieces of art every now and then to see if there is some inspiration hiding somewhere. I am looking to do some art today, and started to straighten things up and found these. This was actually what inspired the painting " I think I am turning Japanese" that I did for my mother-in-law. I love the organic feel of a good tentacle.
There is something creepy, yet fun about drawing one. I think it is the feeling of movement you can convey with a tentacle. When I draw them I find myself in almost a trance swaying this way and that, trying to imagine what it would be like to be the tentacle. Very freeing.
On the creepy side I try and imagine the thing that it is attached to and what it would be like to have the slimy, sucker covered grasp pulling you down into a bottomless void.
On the above doodles, I personally enjoy the top (sketch) more then the colored version. I find that in most of my art I like the raw sketch look better then a more refined product.
I think I may do some more work with tentacles...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So This weekend I was inspired to do a painting of a nice scenic nature picture, I was watching a movie called Teeth, and they showed a scene something similar to this several times. For those of you who don't know the movie is about a girl who has Vagina Dentata, umm that is she had teeth in her... no no place. Not the greatest movie, but interesting... Anyway the played it up that possibly the fact that she had two nuke towers in her back  yard may of caused it. I think she was an alien, but who knows. I liked the picture so I thought I would re-create it. Also if you get on one of the local roads here and drive off you can see something similar to this. On a clear day it is actually a really neat sight, the smoke against a bright blue sky is almost poetic. I think may use this as an inspiration on some upcoming drawings, I have been playing with the idea of mutants, and "adaptations" of humanity. 
Overall not the best piece of art I have done. Materials were gouache paints on a piece of 10 x 14 high quality water color paper. I actually didn't do much sketching on this one, did light pencil marks and then started painting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Return of the Kool-aid Man!!

Hello. It has been a while since I posted anything, so if you have been looking at my page I am sorry. Life has been rather busy. Moving on. I have recently got back into drinking Kool-aid. I had forgotten how awesome it was. It was a staple of my fridge for most of my life through out college and I would consider myself a Bad-ass when it comes to making said aid. So as I have been sipping on this juice of the gods, I started to think back of the glory days. Days when there were actually cartoons on tv and you could catch a glimpse of the Kool-aid man busting through some poor families wall.
As much as I love the drink, I'm not going to lie, if some big red thing came busting through my wall unexpected screaming "OOOh yeah" I would straight up shit my pants, drop to the floor, and suck my little baby thumb! Guess those kids had more balls then me...
Anyway, You don't see much of this dude anymore, probably because "real" people think kool-aid is not a viable source of nutrition anymore. What do they know... it has water in it.
So I redesigned big red for a more... updated audience.
The picture above is the pre-colored version, just sketched with a pencil then inked with my tech pen, on a piece of 10"x14" high quality watercolor paper. The one below is the colored version. Done with gouache paints.

This Kool-aid man supports not two, but four arms, each with some form of asskickery. Dude is packing mad heat with his two uzi's, a samurai sword, and a cybernetic cannon. Well equipped with ninja boots, for straight kicks to the maw, and showing off the skulls he has collected over the years. PS one of his arms has been replaced with a robot arm... not only can he punch through walls, he could also punch through 3 faces of people stupid enough to stand in a row right in his way of delivering the goods.

Oh yeah, some may ask what flavor he is... red you dumbass, the best kind!

Now that your all charged up on greatness, go drink some kool-aid and kick something!