Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Drawings

So here are some random sketches. These are drawings that I have done in the past months or so. If you notice at the top of this page you see the title. She. Hate. Me. some may ask what does that mean? Who is she? Well that relates to my wife. Both my wife and I are what some would consider to be artist, however sometimes my wife doesn't understand why I do what I do. Thus... She.Hate.Me.
You see even though we are both artist, I do art for the sake of doing something creative, I do something because I like the way it looks, I want to display something from my head to something visual,or I want to display some form of emotion. I have no purpose to do it, other then because I want to. My wife on the other hand does art with a purpose. She sells it. Not that she doesn't create things to do it, it just has more of a purpose behind it. We have had a battle over this for the longest time, and I finally came up with the thought "She hate me."
She actually doesn't hate me, or my art, she just doesn't get it. Some people don't understand why someone could spread paint all over a canvas and that be considered art, well she doesn't understand why I would want to draw a zombie, ninja, or some other abstract creature.
The greatest thing about artist is that they see things and can convey them in a different way. You may look at a building and just see that, I may look at it and see some grotesque form, and someone else may not even see the building at all. That is the great thing about art, you are free to do whatever. Next the sketches for this month's art!!!
P.S. my wife has mad skills, if you haven't already, check out her blog:


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