Thursday, January 8, 2009

Origin story

So everything in this world has some form of origin story, mine is not as glamorous as any form of standard superhero, but it is a origin none the less. I was born the product of two young adults, who some may say, were still children themselves. The year was 1980, which looking back at examples from TV, were much simpler times. My father was in the navy therefore there was a lot of moving, discipline, and detachment from a "father" figure. Most of my child hood is cloudy, either because I chose to forget, I didnt actually have one because I am a government experiment, or I live in the matrix. Which ever will make the story better for you. I was a quiet child, never making trouble or stepping out of the role I was placed in. I hated school, in fact I did what I could to get through it and go home. I loved to draw. I found that art was my way to escape reality, I could do or be whatever I wanted. So I drew a lot, that and played with toys. Iminagation is a wonderful thing, to bad kids now-a- days don't use it so much.
Anyway 16 yrs pass dad retires from the navy, we move to TN, I re-create myself breaking all bonds with my preivous self,keeping only my art. Grow up more, go to college, work hard for my my wife, move to Missouri. The end.

Not very exciting, but now you know a little more about me... let the fun begin!

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