Friday, January 23, 2009

January Picture

So here is the picture for this month. For those of you who do not know, I live with my in-laws here in Missouri. Tough my wife could give you a list of the disadvantages of living here, I personally don't thin it is so bad. We get hot meals, have a roof over our head and we don't pay rent... not to shabby a deal yo!!
Anyway even though it is still cold as butt cheeks out side, there is an abundance of woodland creatures that gather around the feeder in the middle of the back yard. One day as I sat at my drawing table I looked out and saw this squirrel. So I started to draw him... and well this is what it turned into. for Christmas I got this industrial/professional pen set with different sizes tips and wanted to try them out. So I sketched the little guy and then inked over it with the pen. Then in the theory of "branching" out in my art ability I used some Gouache paints that I had laying around. Gouache paints, are basically a watercolor paint but with more thickness to them. Think of the ability of a watercolor, but the consistency and thickness of paint. You can get a darker fuller color, or use water to thin them out. I used a piece of 18" x 24" heavyweight drawing paper... not official watercolor paper, but it could handle it with no problem. The drawing itself does not take up the whole page, but I wanted to use a bigger piece of paper then the original sketch was on. Hope you enjoy and come for more art and next months image!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Random Drawings

So here are some random sketches. These are drawings that I have done in the past months or so. If you notice at the top of this page you see the title. She. Hate. Me. some may ask what does that mean? Who is she? Well that relates to my wife. Both my wife and I are what some would consider to be artist, however sometimes my wife doesn't understand why I do what I do. Thus... She.Hate.Me.
You see even though we are both artist, I do art for the sake of doing something creative, I do something because I like the way it looks, I want to display something from my head to something visual,or I want to display some form of emotion. I have no purpose to do it, other then because I want to. My wife on the other hand does art with a purpose. She sells it. Not that she doesn't create things to do it, it just has more of a purpose behind it. We have had a battle over this for the longest time, and I finally came up with the thought "She hate me."
She actually doesn't hate me, or my art, she just doesn't get it. Some people don't understand why someone could spread paint all over a canvas and that be considered art, well she doesn't understand why I would want to draw a zombie, ninja, or some other abstract creature.
The greatest thing about artist is that they see things and can convey them in a different way. You may look at a building and just see that, I may look at it and see some grotesque form, and someone else may not even see the building at all. That is the great thing about art, you are free to do whatever. Next the sketches for this month's art!!!
P.S. my wife has mad skills, if you haven't already, check out her blog:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Jump Start

So what we have here are the pictures that I did for my mother and mother-in-law for Christmas. The one with the robot is titled : The AK goes "Choppa Choppa". What the hell does that mean you ask? Well I guess you can think whatever you want, but when you shoot an Ak-47 it makes a noise... I choose to think it is "Choppa Choppa". I got the idea from a rap song, in which the lyrics say that. I then started sketching and this was the end result.
The second was for my mother -in-law, as of right now it has no true name, though I like to think of it as "I am turning Japenese". I am kinda jealous that I gave this one away, I was really impressed with myself after completing it.

These pictures are what gave me the idea for this blog. I really enjoyed doing the two pictures and wanted to do more, but I didn't want to be the only one to see my amazing skill!! So I am willing to share it with the world, behold my greatness!

I think the next post will be of some random sketches, I am trying to figure out what I want to do for my first piece. This may prove to be tricker then I first thought...

Origin story

So everything in this world has some form of origin story, mine is not as glamorous as any form of standard superhero, but it is a origin none the less. I was born the product of two young adults, who some may say, were still children themselves. The year was 1980, which looking back at examples from TV, were much simpler times. My father was in the navy therefore there was a lot of moving, discipline, and detachment from a "father" figure. Most of my child hood is cloudy, either because I chose to forget, I didnt actually have one because I am a government experiment, or I live in the matrix. Which ever will make the story better for you. I was a quiet child, never making trouble or stepping out of the role I was placed in. I hated school, in fact I did what I could to get through it and go home. I loved to draw. I found that art was my way to escape reality, I could do or be whatever I wanted. So I drew a lot, that and played with toys. Iminagation is a wonderful thing, to bad kids now-a- days don't use it so much.
Anyway 16 yrs pass dad retires from the navy, we move to TN, I re-create myself breaking all bonds with my preivous self,keeping only my art. Grow up more, go to college, work hard for my my wife, move to Missouri. The end.

Not very exciting, but now you know a little more about me... let the fun begin!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Post Ever!!

Hello and Welcome!

If your reading this I say "Good day to you". My name is Jason, and welcome to my blog. I have followed in the footsteps of my wife and created a blog. I consider myself to be an artist and am going to use this great place to display my artwork for all to see!! Actually this past Christmas I was asked to create some art for my mother, and my mother-in-law. In that process I tried some new things... mainly painting. Creating that art gave me the thought that I am awesome, and forced me to remember how much I love to create and draw. Some how I had let the one thing I could always depend on to slip from my life.
Well one thing lead to another and I declared my New Years resolution right then and there... I would use 2009 to start producing more art work, in fact I will attempt to create a big piece of art every month. Hopefully by the end of this year I will have lived up to this project and created at least a dozen pieces of artwork!
So enjoy, come back and check it out, and allow yourself to look outside of the boxes that life puts you in.