Monday, October 12, 2009


So the other day a fellow blogger by the name of kingcoyote left me a message on here asking where I been. Consider it a Blogger kick in the ass. I agreed with him whole heartily I have been slacking with the posting and the art for that matter. I have made it a habit of coming home from work and making excuses to not draw or do any other type of art and it has truly effected me!
Not only am I not producing art for this here blog, but I think I am losing some of my ability!
Anyway, excuses are done. I must do some art.
Until I crank on the machine enjoy this image...

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So I have been trying to get some art in so I actually have something to post about and well here it is...
For some reason at work I have been sketching a lot of wolverine... I am really absorbed with his hair and the thought of his claws and his hands. As I discussed with my wife ( actually more of me just talk at her not really discussing the subject) I hate that people think his claws are uber long. When not out they rest in his forearm, so logically thinking about it they could not be more then say 6". I love the creativeness and outrageousness of wolverine with these crazy long claws... but logically that does not compute.

I think I like this one the best. I think it is a clear representation of my style. Kinda zany and stringy... and depressive. I have a thought for a Sabertooth one that I came up with at work... you come to think of it, I need to bring all my random sketches from work so you guys can see that stuff. Anyway until next time. Peace bitches.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Fruits of my loin... I mean labor! Fruits of my labor! yeah thats right...

Well, well, well. Look who decided to come back and join the land of the bloggers!!! Yeah that's right, I'mmmmmm baaack!!! So it is no surprise that I have been missing and for those of you who look at my blog every so often, I apologize for my leave... but I have been slightly busy. Well I and my wife, and my in -laws, and everyone else within enough distance that we could put them to work... so much thanks to you all. And in return I will show off the reason I have been gone...
This is my latest project. It took about a month and a half to complete, but how sweet it is! My wife and I have been working on this little colabo for some time, painting, cleaning, ripping up carpet, clearing tile... you name it we did it. we would basically work then work on this go home ( in-laws house ) sleep and get up and do it all over again.
This is looking into the living room from the hall. We had the hardwood floors refinished and they turned out amazing!! Originally there were carpet over them and we thought they may not be salvageable, but we were wrong! We have some big plans for the walls in all the house, but this room especially. we are both looking forward to covering the long grey wall with art! mine, hers or someone else's, who knows. if you go to the end of this picture you turn right into the dining room, the back wall is the whole length of that and all in all is about 50 feet ( slight exaggeration I am sure, but you get the point)
This looking back at where the above picture was taken from. We have this super FAT couch that we got from crate and barrel. if you are shorter then say 5'10" if you sit straight in it you can not touch the ground... amazing! anyway there to the left you see back down the hall. Typical hall stuff, 3 bedrooms and a bathroom... oh and a closet. The stairs there on the right take you down to the 2nd level!
Immediately down the stairs to the right you will find my wife's studio. I am standing at the back looking out taking this picture. There is actually more space then what you see, in fact this picture does not do the studio justice. behind me there is a massive closet, to the left is her shipping/printing area, and to the right are 2 8' tall metal racks filled with all kinds of goodies. She was actually behind me, and there was a picture of her and what I just described... but it is Saturday and she was not that "presentable" her words not mine, so I chose not to display that picture.
So opposite her studio from the stairs is my studio/theater area. Please note and wall you see in any of these pictures we painted... in fact we repainted the whole damn house. Not to mention ripped up carpet in the whole damn house as well! the floors here are not actually wood, but a floating floor that looks like wood. Actually the farthest thing form real would you could ever get. My studio is not as organized as wifey's mainly because we just got my side done last weekend. We were still waiting on some carpet and could not actually move things around until that came. And now there are empty boxes in there because I just put together a futon.
This futon to be exact. This is in the same room as my studio we divided the room in half. Half studio. Half theater. This part is going to be a work in process, but man when it gets done I might cry. This has always been a dream of mine and to have it coming true...well what can I say. eventually there will be a platform built behind the futon with actual theater seats on it ( craigslist 10 bucks a piece... score!) I will also slowly build a better sound system, now I have a good receiver but speakers from a home theater in a box kit, and though I have a nice tv now I am gunning for a 50 something inch that I can mount to the wall... I debated on a projector, but in the end the price my be more then I (my wife) is willing to spend. In the back of this area there is a huge closet that we may make into a concession stand, with various treats and possibly a keg-a-rator... and some posters of naked chicks. Nothing better then boobs, beer, and kung-fu exploding zombies that rock the neighborhood!!!!
Here is a pic of me standing by the picture looking into my studio. Not much to see now, just trash and unpacked boxes... maybe tomorrow I can burrow a hole and do some art!

And here is the coupe-de-gra. I always told myself if I had a huge deck I would show anyone and everyone... well world check out my deck! This is one of the things that sold us on the house... do you what kind of things you can do with a deck this big? I mean think of all the people that can be entertained on this and around this deck. It even has a reach around part. It wraps from the side of the deck all the way to the front of the deck! at some point we want to put a fire pit on the reach around part, I mean who doesn't like a little warmth on their deck, am I right? Maybe these pictures don't do it justice, but if this deck were fully extended it would be longer then the house... that's a hell of a deck my friends!

Well that is enough about things. If you are ever in the neighborhood swing on by, if you bring beer I may even let you sit on my deck... if your lucky.
Until next time... oh and if you were wondering, yes that is a toilet in the last picture. I did some plumbing. Twice. Who would think changing a toilet was so easy?!?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

XBOX 360 Gods Bring Greatness!

So it has been anounced on two of the great websites... and www.gamespy. that Capcom is going to unleash Marvel vs Capcom 2 for the XBOX 360 as an arcade title

If you don't know, this is awesome! Just thought I would share the news. Now if only I can find an arcade stick controller for the xbox...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


So the other day Tom ( fellow Blogger) issued a challenge, by say the name The Gruncher and then leaving it up to anyone who felt creative to come up with idea of what that "being" would look like. I LOVED THIS IDEA. This is one of the reason I wanted to start a blog. I wanted to find creative people and see how differently they did things, bounce ideas around, and enjoy each others skills. So go to Tom's blog if you want to see his ideas :
Now on to some sketches...

When I first saw the name I thought of a rock. Don't really know why, but that was just the first thing that came to mind. So the first skecth is a rock-golem type creature.

I did this sketch at work while I was on the phone with AT&T, really loose, but you get the point. The Gruncher- living rock. As this idea mulled around more in my head I tried to do a more polished version thus the second drawing:

Once again, drawn at work. I really like how this one came out. He went more from a rock creature to just a creature. This reminds me a lot of Grendel from Beowulf. Gruncher, may not be as cool of a name as Grendel, but it works. On a side note. Doing these drawings at work reminded me how much I LOVE drawing on lined paper. Can't really explain why, it just feels good.
Anyway I love this second drawing and am really proud of it. I may come back to this rendition later when I have more time to flesh it out. On to my third. As I sat there at work I wanted a completly different idea from " the Gruncher" creature idea and I came up with this:

Not "THE" Gruncher, but Grohaum Gruncher, son of Glorad Gruncher. Conqueror of the nine lands, Destroyer of the 4 Gods, and Heir to the Kingdom of Groland. I love Barabarins. Had to throw one in somewhere, plus it has been a while since I drew one!

I have decided I may have to get a scanner soon. Right now I just have to take a picture of my art and then adjust it with those fancy picture programs... helps to have an emmy award winner graphic designer for a wife :)


Sunday, April 19, 2009

One man's trash...

Wow! It has been almost a month since my last post. To say I have been busy would be an understatement! Still working two jobs = busy, buying a new house and starting the remodel = busy, add the two together = Uber-busy!!! If you want to check out the house, go to wifey's blog:
I won't lie, I love my in-laws, but it is time to get out! Not to mention I am going to have my own studio and a theater room!!! Plus it will be cool to have a house that we can call our own, and hang up some of our art work. Oh and did I forget to mention the deck?!? Enough about that on to the important stuff.
So a couple weekends ago I went and hung out with a buddy here and he posed an interesting question... "Jason would you like some comics?"... um can ninja's punch through peoples faces with one kung- fu punch?!?!?!?? HELL'S YEAH!!! So long story short I cam home with a box and a half of comics. Now these aren't prize comics by any means but they have 2 advantages. 1. they were free. 2. they are comics. Below you till find some of the treasures...

There were A LOT of The Punisher, various 2099, and other various marvel titles that I have not heard of or would never pick up... but once again free + comics!

Here are some of the finer points. I am not much of a DC man, but in the pile was a Green Lantern from the 60's. Anyone who is anyone knows that now most money makers are from the 60's - 70's era. However here is a rule that I have learned, had knowledge of, and seem to of forgotten in a matter of minutes. NEVER USE SCOTCH TAPE TO TAPE THE PLASTIC DOWN ON YOUR BOARDS. I wanted to look at that GL and see what kind of condition it was in... well the damn tape got caught on the cover and ripped off some of the page!!! BLURG!!! On Ebay it is going fro around 40 - 50 dollars. DAMN IT!! Moving on...

Here are some of the real GEMS! Kid-n- Play! The A-Team, and a William Shatner comic... I don't know about you, but I am pretty sure with the release of the new star trek movie, that is going to jump the price up on the market fo' sho!

This picture here was from some TMNT comic I found in the pile. Here is my beef. I know I am not the best artist out there, but look at this! Maybe I am looking at it wrong, but the jaguar dude has a crazy eye!!! What the piss?? This comic was full of bad art, the turtles have some weird skin texture that make them look like they are fifty! No to mention the bad angles and unproportianate anatomy. But hey what can I say... dude got published fro marvel... doing one of the biggest franchises from the 80's. Two thumbs up ya lucky bastard!

All said and done, I love comics, I was pleased to take these off my buddies hands and will gladly do it again! Plus there are some amazing covers on some of the issues. I am really thinking of somehow rigging the walls of the new house so that I can display them (almost like wall paper without destroying the comic). Who knows. So moving on...

Here are some sketches I did one day when I had a moment. I, for some reason, am obsessed with octopi right now. I think it is just something easy to draw while I am at work and it has transferred over into my personal life. There is so much freedom and spontaneity you can do with a squid like creature.

So with these sketches I have actually started on a painting. See below...

Close up of the actually subject.

If you can't tell the picture is of a dude with a octopus on his head. Yeah it doesn't make sense... but I don't care. I like it. You don't... well poop on your face. What really sucks is I painted that like 2 weeks ago. Haven't made much progress as you can see. Man being a grown-up sucks!

Until next time... Cherrio!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oh My

Damn it has been forever! So I have been MIA and I am sorry. It has been really hard getting in the grove of things now that I am working so much, however I have had an encouraging word from a fellow blogger, and have decided that I can make things better. I have not really done a lot of sketching in the past week so I didn't really have much to put on here.

This is not the best quality, the picture is really light to begin with and when I tried to adjust it ... well it didn't come out much better. I may have to go back and darken the lines and re-try... I guess that is what you get when you use a H grade pencil!

Dude with an axe about to chop a zombie... I actually use myself as a reference here. I stood in front of a mirror and would act out the motion. Just quick sketches.
This final picture is one I did recently, in answer to Joe's challenge of taking a fav cartoon and re doing it in your own style. I chose the Smurfs. I am pretty sure they weren't actually as cute and friendly as they were shown. I mean come on they lived in the woods, nothing that lives in the woods is friendly! The way I see it that guy that was always trying to catch them was actually a friendly old man who was tormented by them!! They would steal his socks and try and kill his cat all the time. I could see this remake being show on adult swim... they have some crazy ass cartoons on there.

Originally I made this blog in attempt to create a piece of art each month. Well the other day my mother-in-law called me out! Saying it is almost the end of March and she hasnt seen a new piece lately, BLURG!! So not only am I going to be better about sketching on a regular basis I am going to actually try and produce something from it! In fact as soon as I get done typing this I have an idea I am going to start on.

Alright until next time... Keep it sleezy.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Quickies

So now that I am working an ass load, my drawing time has slowly came to a screeching halt! However I may have to take sketch pad to work with me, as I did through out school, I find myself doodling on my pads of paper as I sit in various meetings and on important phone calls. Oh lined paper how I love thee! Anyway since I feel I am about to hit a creative wall, I sat down today and did about 30 min of doodles. Last year my wife found these amazing BIC ink gel pens. They are very simple and cheap, but they produce some very dark lines. They are really fun to draw with and do some sporadic line drawings. Enjoy...

I have been trying to read some classic books... aka Bram Stroker's Dracula, and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I won't lie I haven't made it through Dracula... that classic way of writing is driving me straight crazy! Frankenstein isn't much better, but I am almost done. Some of these sketches were inspired by said books. My personal favs are the Frankenstein that is facing down, the vampire that is hunched over and the spider eyed mutant (all on the second page).

Well I say poop. I am hoping I won't hit the creative wall, I have a BIG ASS canvas that I want to start working on. Wifey and I are are coming close to closing on a house, and I want to hang up some art in the new house... what better to take up space then a 36x60 painting of a zombie eating the stomach of some one!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where in the world is Jason???

So its been like a week since I last posted. I am sorry for such a delay! I have started my new job and well I have to get up really early for that and by the time I go to my second job, I am exhausted by the time I get home. Therefore there hasn't been much time for anything other then sleep... Hopefully I will get things in order and be able to post more often, I have found that I may have so time at work to crank out some sketches, I just need to remember to bring them home! Anyway here are some sketches from last weekend that I never got to post.
This first one is just of some body, I do love drawing some muscles! So when I have nothing else inspiring me I draw things like this.
This second one is of the hulk, though I really don't like it! In my mind the hulk is a big dumb brute, and as much as I mess around I have trouble conveying that in his face. Though I have carried this problem with me to work, and on some down time have got a couple sketches of him with more of the look I was going for... alas I left them there, so maybe I will show them off later.
The last one here, is going with the theme from the last post. Superheros verse each other till the death. This is Magneto vs Hulk. To me Magneto would win in the end. Yeah if Hulk could get a hold of him he would win, but Mags is smarter then that, I mean come on he survived the Nazi's! Anyway with his power of magnetism he could slow the blood flow of the hulk, thus calming him down. We all know what happens then, he turns back in to puny banner this equals game over. Some may ask, what slow the blood flow?! I thought he controlled metal?! Well I think there is iron in your blood, right? Anyway he pulled it off at the beginning of the Age of Apocalypse storyline to an out of control Bishop... so why couldn't he do it again?

Well that is all I have for now. PS go watch the Watchmen!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Umm... possible challenge?

This week has been kinda weird, I have actually been busy! This was my last week at Best Buy, and they actually had me work more then one day! Also as a side job I am an adjunct teacher, so the combo of the two has left me little time to sketch... I guess I am going to have to get use to this since I start with the state Monday!!! Anyway this first sketch is really sloppy to be honest, but something I have always wanted to pursue. I have always thought it would be cool for a series to have an actually comic where the heroes/villains fought to the death. The basic premise would be that the ancient mutant Apocalypse has taken over and wants to see who is fit to survive in his world. it is only natural since his motto is the whole survival of the fittest thing.
So basically in my mind he would gather different characters and put them in a natural environment and tell them to fight. It would be easy to say oh well some people won't fight... well then they die period. This would be a series that is outside of normal comic continuity so who cares who lives or dies... the only thing would be that it is semi realistic, meaning it isn't based on favoritism... the winner is solely based on the fact that they would actually win in a fight! A perfect example would be above sketch: Spider-man and Daredevil. I personally think it is clear that Spider-man would win... All he would have to do is lay out some web catch daredevil and pund the hell out of his face! I think it would be a close fight any other way... Spider-man is stronger then DD and if he could just catch him by surprise he could knock his block off! That is something that most people "look over" with spider-man... is is stronger then a normal person... a couple punches = broken faces!
All the sketches of Wolverine and Sabertooth that have been floating around got my mind thinking about this again and thus waiting for my students I laid that sketch down. I would love to here who you think would win, so leave a comment. This idea got me wondering what some fellow bloggers could produce... Tom, Joe??? Oh man did I just call you guys out on the World Wide Web?!?!?! Actually if I am going to throw a gauntlet down I am going to have to up my skecth quality...HAHA.
Well moving on, as I was searching for a hidden art supply I came across some of these sketchs... enjoy

I was reading some Conan stuff when I did this one... CROM... I hope they don't try and remake that movie, Arnold was the best!

Pen and Ink, Kick ass dude!

Still in the whole barbarian kickassary phase... pen and ink

This was actually something I made into a t-shirt. My wife was taking a silk screening class and talked me into drawing something. we actually tried to make them at home... made quite a few and actually sold them! I think we actually used different lettering for the complted project, but the was the original concept...Ninja, Please!!

Until next time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Superheroes abound

So here are a few more sketches of Sabertooth... enjoy
This one could also be a drawing of a crazy ass crazy dude also!

I think I like this last one the best. And as you see below, I started sketching so various marvel characters...

This was a pencil sketch, then I inked over it with some Indian ink and a calligraphy pen with a split nib... so says wifey.The ink is really really amazing, very dark and gives great quality lines.

I personally have never really messed much with drawing DD, but I think this quick little sketch turned out nice!

This Coloussus honestly looked a whole shit lot better before I inked over it... that, is usually my downfall. I do some kick ass sketches then I think "oh this needs some form of color, or refinement" then disappointment. Oh well maybe next time!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Thus is life... part deux

I recently saw some new trailers for the up coming Wolverine movie, let it be said, it will either blow hard causing me to go into a berserk rage stabbing people with my imaginary claws, or it will be so flipping amazing that I leave the movie theater even more convinced I have a healing factor and run around popping my claws with a pack of wolves for a year. With that said I did some sketches, not about Wolverine, but his nemesis and possibly one of the best villains ever, Sabertooth!! In a way he is so much cooler of a character then good 'ol Wolvie, but he is the bad guy. Who wants to read a comic/story about a serial killing, bad ass, pyscho, who just so happens to have a healing factor... uh me... Enjoy, I have a feeling there will be more...
Here is a link to a blog that I just started to follow: He has some pretty wicked sketches of Wolverine on there... I am jealous, back to the drawing board!!

Thus is life...

When we first moved here, I got a job with Best Buy as a geek squad member, though my illusions of this job were grander then the actual job it did inspire me to do this little piece. Also as a side note, I never actually got this uniform, at some point management dropped the ball... I have always been interested with black and white images, and I wanted to try and create one where the negative spaces defines the positive space.
So after a couple months, I realized that even though Best Buy is where I have, and will, spend a lot of my hard earned money it is not a place to work and even think about having/starting a family. The fact that I was older then most, if not all, the management there didn't help either...dreams 0 reality 1. So after some struggle, I have found another job, This coming week being the last at Best Buy... I still have time to work the discount! I will be starting my new job with the state of Missouri. Thus this piece of art...

Same concept as above, this one was tricker though I really wanted to be wearing a suit, but couldn't figure out how I would pull it off with the whole black/white thing.In my mind I am now a government agent, and I am pretty sure they are going to try and put me into the weapon x project and I will be made into one of the world's greatest killers. Now snap back to reality... I am going to be sitting behind a desk dealing with different state employees cell phone problems. Memory implants, the skeleton laced with an unbreakable metal, and the pure bad-ass-ness of it all... can someone hand me some toilet paper, cause dreams are being flushed. Maybe I can convince them to let me have a nine millimeter with a red dot sight atleast... I mean is that really to much to ask for a government agent???

I am sure I will have to take an oath giving my allegance to the man, but if I happen to walk in on a coversation with the words " the outbreak is under control" or " it seems to be a form of rabies" I am out that bitch with the quickness!!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So if you read my last post, this weekend we went to the art store in Kansas City and I bought the biggest stretched canvas I could fit in my car... it was 36"x60". Think of the possibilities! I have two ideas for this greatness. The first three sketches are different versions of the same picture.

I sat down one day and just started to draw a very fluid movement with the thought of a woman in mind. My idea was to draw a very curvy form that very sensual and voluptuous. In my mind it would be something very " 70's " disco in style with some crazy colors in the background.

In the process I was drawing arms in various positions to see how I wanted it laid out. Then I realized i liked the thought of four arms, almost like a modern Shiva statue.
If I chose this option, I am thinking of having the background black and the form being white. Very simple. I am going to do some smaller versions of this first... It is a big commitment to put something on a canvas that is almost as tall as me!
My second idea came more from the art museum we went to, we were in a part that was displaying some expressionism art and I got inspired. I saw a painting of some zombies eating the shit out of some dude. With the art I was looking at it was very raw and emotional strokes that represented face and people. Not that cool actually, but I thought about how raw and crazy I could get with a zombie painting. I came home and started sketching right away. My thought is going to be something like the above pic. A human being disemboweled by the dead. Once again it will be a background of black but with a lot of color.
My only trouble is do I want it to be very lose and raw or try and define the figure and the horror of being eating alive...

This is were I wish I knew how to oil paint, I could do some serious damage to this canvas. Anyway I will keep you posted.